Mar 28

White Curvy Asses

Today’s White Curvy Ass belongs to a coed named Brandy Dallas. She’s just eighteen years old and has never been with a black guy before. She’s from a small town in Texas where almost everyone is white. When we heard that, we knew that we would have to hook her up with some black stud. With her huge round ass, it didn’t take us long to find someone. Take a look at pictures and see Brandy taking her first black dick.

You know the saying - once you go black, you never go back. I think that’s definitely true for Brandy. She couldn’t get enough of this stud’s dark chocolate dick. She loved the way it tasted in her mouth. She loved it when he drilled her tight teen pussy. She said it was by far the biggest dick she’s ever had. She couldn’t get enough of it. She wanted more even after he came all over her face.

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Mar 25

White Curvy Asses

At first glance Jessica Dee looks like the all American girl from the Midwest. But this eighteen year old is definitely not all sweet and innocent. Her parents and her friends back house would flip out if they found out about how much she loves black cock. She can’t get enough of it! Once she went black, she’s never going back! Take a look at video samples of this horny white girl getting her tight ass entered and drilled by this huge black cock.

This video starts with Jessica Dee posing in one very naughty outfit, showing off her delicious looking butt. However, it’s not long before she gets the cock that she’s craving. She’s soon on her knees with this dark chocolate cock sliding between her wet lips. Of course, it’s not long before we get to see that white butt getting entered. It’s good that she can take such a huge penis in her butt without complaining! He pounds her butt then fucks wet pussy too until she’s completely satisfied.

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Mar 21

White Curvy Asses

You have to check out these hot videos of blond bombshell Holly Wellin taking her first black cock. Holly is so hot she makes guys hard just looking at her. She has this perfect young body thats capped off with perk tits, small waist and big luscious ass. She’s like a walking Barbie doll. But it’s that ass of hers that gets her into all sorts of trouble. All the guys want to tap that butt, especially black men who can’t resist a big ole booty on a tiny waist.

Holly’s drilled a lot of guys before but never a black guy. She was really nervous the first time her latest black boy toy came over to fuck her but really eager to see what all the fuss was about. She did a great job giving him a blowjob, even managed to get it all in her mouth. But how she managed to fit it all in her tight little pussy, I have no idea,. He told me after that it was the tightest, wettest hole he had ever been in and he felt sure he was going to tear her open. But he said being able to watch that lush booty bouncing up on him was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

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Mar 18

White Thick Asses

Take a look at video clips of a hot blond slut named Kayla Sinz. What is it about hot blondes and their love of big black dicks? Kayla is obsessed with dick and her latest obsession is fucking as many black cocks as possible. She says nothing can fill her up and satisfy her the way they can. Lucky for her, nothing satisfies us more then a hot blonde girl with a big ole booty being nailed by black dick!

Yesterday we invited Kayla over to shoot some hot booty shots of her. What she didn’t know is that we had a special surprise waiting for her. As soon as she saw my boy Rob, she was on her knees begging to suck his cock. I was pretty impressed at how much she was able to take without gagging. He had her climb up on top of him so she could ride his cock while he slapped that curvy butt. But the best part was watching her moan and scream when he drilled her from behind, that big ass bouncing in the air.

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Mar 14

White Curvy Asses

Trina Michaels has always had a thing for black cocks and all guys in general love to see Trina’s big titties bouncing as she’s slurping on their cock! Ever since Trina turned 18 she made it her goal to fuck as many black cocks as she could, in fact she’d never drilled a white guy in all her legal years and she never had a desire to after she saw how massive her black guys cocks were!

Take a look at photos of Trina as she shows off her plump round titties in a tight pvc bra and her matching panties show off that juicy round butt of hers. As Trina does her striptease for her newest black stunt dick she feels her pussy getting wet as she watches his dick growing harder and harder. Just when she can’t take it anymore Trina gets on her hands and knees and crawls over to her stunt cock who is holding out his cock for her to slide in to her mouth. Trina gags on his cock as he starts to throat fuck her, smacking the back of her throat with his fat hard cock.

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Mar 11

White Thick Asses

Yesterday, I want to introduce you to a smoking hot brunette named Sandra Romain. This girl is wild in and out of the bedroom. Take a look at video clips of her enjoying a rock hard black cocks. She loves dick - white, Asian, Latino, but her favorite is huge black cocks. She came over to do a bikini photo shoot, but it wasn’t long before the bikini was on the floor and she was really getting to know one of the cameramen, a tall, black stud.

Next thing you know, she’s on her knees with her sexy lips wrapped around his chocolate colored dick. She definitely has some blowjob skills and she probably would’ve been happy sucking his dick all night long. However, she wanted that penis deep inside of her white pussy. She bent over and he drilled her pussy from behind. There’s some nice views of her sexy ass bouncing as he fucks her. Then, she climbed on top of him and took his cock for one wild and out of control ride. She didn’t stop until he was ready to cum all over her sexy face.

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Mar 04

White Curvy Asses

Take a look at video clips of a white nympho named Tatum. She looks like the girl next door, like should could be a secretary working in your office. However, here she is not just taking on a big black penis, but four of them. She’s so addicted to black cock that it isn’t even funny. She likes to have black guys use and abuse her any way they want. I knew that this was going to turn into a very interesting video.

The black guys gather around as she starts to strip out of her clothes. Soon, she’s on her knees with four cocks in her face, just waiting for attention. She goes around, working them as best as she could. It’s hard for her to keep up. One of the guys is soon fucking her from behind. She’s bent over and drilled from behind while she keeps working any hard dick that comes near her mouth. She doesn’t stop until she’s made all four them cum. You have to love a nympho like that.

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Mar 02

White Thick Asses

Check out these video clips of Flower Tucci in action. I’ve seen her fucking white guys, an Asian guy, but the way she fucks black men makes me think that she’s addicted to black dick. She loves it in her mouth, deep inside of her pussy and even in her tight butt. Today, we get to see her satisfying one very lucky black guy. I’d love to be in his spot.

Flower starts by showing off her oral skills. You can tell that she’s had a lot of practice sucking cock if you know what I mean. However, it wasn’t long before she was asking for more. She wanted his dick deep inside of her pussy. Of course, he was willing to give her that. He didn’t just fuck her white pussy, he gave her a real pounding that made her moan.

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Feb 28

White Thick Asses

What’s better than one horny white girl with a fat butt? Two of course! If you ask me, when it comes to chicks, more the merrier. Today’s video features two horny sluts named Katja Kassin and Jay Star. For the most part, they look like your average 18 year olds. However, both of these chicks are complete nymphos, especially when it comes to black cock. Take a look at video clips of these two horny sluts sharing a rock hard black dick!

These sluts show off their asses to this lucky stud, bending over and making sure that he gets a amazing view. He’s already starting to grow hard and they haven’t even touched him yet. Soon, they’re on their knees, taking turns sucking his dick. They could suck his cock all day long, but they want to feel that hard cock deep inside of them. Then, they take turns getting drilled by his giant cock. They can’t get enough of it! I’ll bet this is two white chicks that he’ll never forget!

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Feb 25

White Curvy Asses

When you first meet Victoria Cute, she’s just like her name, she seems cute and innocent. However, it’s not long before her naughty side comes out. Take a look at video clips of the slutty Victoria Sweet. This white girl from the suburbs loves black penis. She’s lost count of how many black cocks she’s sucked and had deep inside of her pussy. Add another two to the list yesterday. It wasn’t her first threesome with two black guys and I’m sure it won’t be her last.

It starts with Victoria doing a very hot strip tease for the camera, showing off her thick white ass. Then, she gets on her knees and takes a very dark cock between her lips. She gives him a killer blowjob and even let’s him fuck her white pussy. When his friend stops by, this eighteen year old nympho, invites him to join in. Soon, she has one dick in her mouth and another pumping her pussy from behind. This nympho loved every second of it!

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Feb 07

White Curvy Asses

Take a look at video samples of a blond slut named Holly Wellin. This white chick has a tight body with some tits that look like they would be a lot of fun to play with. But what I really like about her is her tiny waist and nice round butt! It’s perfect! What’s even better is that this hottie can’t get enough cock. She’s a complete nympho and loves white dick, Asian dick and of course black cock. She likes nothing more than having a rock hard dark chocolate cock to enjoy.

Today, she came over to a video shoot with her current boy toy, a black stud with a huge cock. It wasn’t long before she was ripping off her clothes. She wanted that cock and she wanted it now! It wasn’t long before she was taking it in her mouth. This slut can deep throat a penis with no problem. But of course, he wanted more than just a blowjob. He wanted to feel that tight pussy. He laid back on the sofa and the slut climbed on top of him, taking his penis for one very wild ride!

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Feb 04

White Curvy Asses

Check out the hardcore video of this smoking hot blond MILF named Kayla Sinz. She’s married to some white guy, but she can’t get enough black dick. While he’s at work, she’ll have a black stud come fuck her. She’s pretty wild but this is the first time she’s ever done it on video. I think you’re really going to enjoy this hottie. She’s a complete slut that can’t wait to strip off her clothes and take a rock hard dick deep inside of her!

It’s not long before this MILF is on her knees and giving a blowjob to this black guy. The ironic part is that she never gives head to her husband, but has sucked dozens of black cocks while she’s been married. And of course, she does more than just give a blowjob. It’s not long before that tender white pussy is getting drilled by his rock hard dick. He has a very long penis and she loves the way it feels deep inside of her. It makes her moan louder and louder as he drills her pussy.

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Jan 31

White Thick Asses

Today, our featured slut is this white girl named Jessica Dee. This girl grew up in the country, but she has a thing for black guys from the city. Her parents would kill her if they found out, but she doesn’t care, in fact I think that’s part of the turn on for her. Plus, black guys love her, she’s got a nice, round ass that shakes even as she simply walks down the street. She just met this black this black guy earlier this afternoon, but she’s already back at his apartment, ready to enjoy his dark chocolate dick. Take a look at video clips of her in action!

Within a few minutes of walking into his place, her clothes is coming off and she’s showing off her sexy white butt. Soon, she’s on her knees, sucking on his black dick and making it grow harder and harder. He skips her pussy and goes right for her asshole. He pushes his giant black cock into her tight butt and she moans with pleasure and pain. It’s the biggest cock that she’s ever had in her ass but she doesn’t want this night to ever end!

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Jan 28

White Curvy Asses

I’ve got a little bit of a bonus for you yesterday. We have one very sexy white ass belonging to Hillary Scott and as bonus, she brought along a horny friend named Kat. This petite Latina teen has an good round butt. Both of these chicks are complete sluts. It’s not the first time that they’ve shared a a thick black cock and I have a feeling that it won’t be the last time either! Take a look at hardcore pictures of these sluts in action with one very lucky black stud. This is one threesome, I’m sure he’ll never forget.

These two sluts waste no time spreading their legs and getting their asses drilled. They both want to have his dick inside their asses and practically push each other out of the way to get it. However, it’s really not a problem, because he’s more than willing to fuck them both as much as they want. He makes sure they both get equal attention from his hard dick, pounding their tight assholes over and over. The only way to properly end a threesome like this and that’s with a messy cumshot all over both of their sexy faces.

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